Carrier High Efficiency Weathermaker Heat Pumps

Enjoy quiet, efficient indoor weather with Carrier’s 38YRA heat pump.

No matter what Mother Nature has in store outdoors, Carrier helps you control your indoor weather with superior products like the 38YRA heat pump.

Maintaining comfortable temperatures all year long is just one way the 38YRA improves your indoor weather. As a part of our Silencer System series, this heat pump incorporates features designed to ensure operation that is so quiet, you might not notice that your system is running. And, because it’s designed and built by Carrier, the 38YRA offers dependability backed by nearly a century of indoor weather expertise.

It takes almost ten Carrier 38YRA models operating at the same time to equal the sound produced by one typical heat pump. Amazingly quiet operation is the result of Carrier’s expertise in heat pump design. Sound from your heat pump is the result of compressor operation and air movement through the unit. Carrier has dramatically reduced compressor noise by wrapping the compressor with a sound hood. In addition, the compressor is attached to a laminated steel vibration isolator plate, which eliminates sound being trans­ferred through the unit. Carrier’s patented Silencer System top allows the air to pass smoothly through the unit. Carrier’s research center designed the fan blades in its heat pumps to be extra efficient at moving air. Finally, the dis­charge muffler eliminates the humming sound sometimes heard in the home, the result of pulsations in the refrigerant tubing. It’s a total package that provides soothing, quiet, efficient comfort that is felt and not heard.


You can keep comfortable, even when the heating and cooling bills arrive, because the 38YRA offers money-saving energy efficiency. With exception­al efficiency ratings of up to 9.2 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) and up to 15.0 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), this heat pump easily saves money on operation when com­pared to a typical, older model that is being replaced. And, when the 38YRA is matched with a variable speed fan coil, it is one of the most efficient systems available.

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