Copeland Scroll ™ Compressors


Field experience with more than 23 million installations worldwide proves conclusively that rugged Copeland Scroll™ compressors are more reliable than reciprocating compressors in even the harshest environments. Copeland offers scroll models from 1-1/2 to 25 horsepower for unprecedented reliability. The reasons . . .

  • Axial and radial compliance allows the scroll members to separate in the presence of liquid refrigerant, delivering unparalleled liquid handling capability.
  • 70% fewer moving parts offer enhanced performance without complicated design.
  • Ability to start under any system load
  • Scroll compressors weigh less and are more compact than reciprocating models.
  • Scroll compressors deliver energy efficiencies 10% higher than any competitive compressor on the market today
  • Scroll compressors operate eight times quieter than any reciprocating technology.

Simply stated, Copeland provides you with the industry’s leading and most reliable scroll compressors.

Contractors know that the quality of the products they install reflect positively or negatively on their business. Copeland understands that, too. That’s why we build every Copeland product to live up to your reputation.


The concept of compressing a gas by turning one involute form – or “scroll” – against another around a common axis is nearly a century old. It wasn’t until the late 1980s, however that one company – Copeland – turned theory into practical reality, using sophisticated, computer-assisted design and manufacturing methods to achieve the critical tolerances required. In the years since, Copeland has become the leader in scroll compressor applications, with nine scroll manufacturing facilities on three continents and millions of units installed worldwide.

Copeland Scroll® compressors employ two identical, concentric scrolls, one inserted within the other. One scroll remains stationary as the other orbits around it. This movement draws gas into the compression chamber and moves it through successively smaller “pockets” formed by the scroll’s rotation, until it reaches maximum pressure at the center of the chamber. There, it’s released through a discharge port in the fixed scroll. During each orbit, several pockets are compressed simultaneously, so operation is virtually continuous.

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