Heil Quiet Comfort Series Heat Pumps

Energy Savings

  •  10 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) meets the federal government’s minimum energy efficiency standards established in 1992.
  • 10 Seer Heat Pump• Up to 8.5 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) for energy-efficient heating all winter long.
  • Scroll compressors run more efficiently than standard compressors, helping reduce your energy costs.
  •  The copper tubing and the aluminum fin coil deliver greater efficiency than aluminum tube coils.
  • The Quiet Comfort Series can help you save 40% on your heating and cooling costs, especially when matched to the proper indoor coil.

Maximum Reliability

  • All condensing units have been 100% run tested. All coils are 100% leak tested at three different checkpoints to ensure delivery of a top-quality product to you.
  • Scroll compressors run more efficiently and wear better than standard compressors, making the entire system more reliable.
  • The copper tubing and the aluminum fin coil resist corrosion and last longer than aluminum tube coils.
  • The galvanized steel cabinet is finished with a triple-step paint process for the ultimate in corrosion resistance and weatherproofing.
  • 10 Year Compressor Limited Warranty5 Year Parts Limited Warranty

* See published warranty for complete details.

Quiet Comfort

  • The totally enclosed fan motor runs quieter and stays protected from dirt and moisture so it lasts longer.
  • Scroll compressors run quieter than standard compressors, reducing the system’s overall operational noise.
  • The top-discharge design helps reduce noise levels; also vents hot air up and away from plants and shrubbery.

Other Benefits

  1. Scroll compressor increases durability and efficiency, and decreases noise.
  2. Sturdy copper tubing and aluminum fin stock coils increase efficiency and durability.
  3. Triple-step paint process protects the galvanized steel cabinet.
  4. Fan motor enclosure acts as barrier to noise and debris.
  5. Top-discharge design improves airflow and softens operating sound.
  6. Guard coil is offset to protect coil from accidental damage.

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