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Peace of mind from the best warranty in the business

  • – 8 years on all parts
  • – 10 years on compressor
  • Durable full-metal jacket protects coils from damage by extreme weather or flying debris
  • Copper tube/aluminum fin coils optimize heat transfer and increase durability and reliability
  • Permanently lubricated motor delivers long-lasting reliability and quiet operation
  • One-piece top designed for maxi­mum airflow and quiet operation
  • Energy Star rating maximizes your energy savings
  • Guaranteed replacement of entire unit if the compressor fails in first 5 years
  • One-piece Top with Drawn Fan Orifice – Seamless design ensures quiet operation
  • Durable Full-Metal Jacket – Protects coil from damage by foreign objects
  • Single- or Double-row Coils – Allows easy cleaning with a simple garden hose
  • Pedestal Base with Built-in Drain Ports – Protects coil from lawn equipment, reduces vibration and noise, and helps resist corrosion by allowing rainwater and moisture to drain
  • Service Port – Reduces service time by allowing easy checking of system pressure during operation
  • Compressor Cycle Protection – Prevents motor damage during momentary power interruptions that may cause unnecessary wear and tear
  • Satin-finished Pre-coat Paint – Provides excellent durability and scratch resistance


Optional variable speed air handler available to maximize system efficiencies. Using whisper-quiet variable speed motor technology, the blower improves air quality by mixing air from floor to ceiling to create more uniform temperatures. Ask your Tappan dealer for more details.

  • Fully-Insulated Housing – Completely insulated for whisper-quiet operation
  • Microprocessor – Controls the gradual startup and shutdown of the blower for maxi­mum efficiency and quiet operation
  • Filter Panel – Provides easy front access for cleaning the air filter
  • Satin-finished Pre-coat Paint – Provides excellent durability and scratch resistance

Quality, dependability, energy-efficiency, value and comfort. These are the things you expect from your air conditioner, and they’re exactly what you’ll get from Tappan. We’ve built our reputation on providing the highest quality products and the best possible service and support to satisfy our customers. We’re the brand that helps keep you comfortable.

Your air conditioner’s efficiency is rated in Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Simply put, SEER measures the unit’s cooling efficiency. The higher the number the more efficient the unit. And, the more money you’ll save on utilities. Compare our Energy Star labeled 12 SEER air conditioner to older units. Our high efficiency 12 SEER air conditioner exceeds the EPA’s energy efficiency guidelines described in their Energy Star program. Using Energy Star products maximizes your monthly energy savings, comfort and indoor air quality and helps reduce the nation’s energy consumption and pollution. Properly sized and installed, you can save 10-30% on cooling bills. Your Tappan dealer can give you more information based on your local energy rates.

When an air conditioner is truly built to exacting standards of quality and durability, the manufacturer’s confidence shows in its warranty. At Tappan, we offer the best warranty in the business – an eight-year warranty on all parts and 10-years on compressors. Extended product protection is available. In addition, your Tappan dealer has specific details on warranties, utility rebates and consumer financing programs. When choosing your air conditioner, look not only at the product, but also the service and support provided by your dealer. Tappan dealers receive extensive training in the installation and care of your equipment. That means your Tappan dealer can help you select the right air conditioner for your home and keep it in top operating condition.

So, for home comfort year after year, trust the products and people of Tappan – the brand that makes America comfortable.

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