Westinghouse Air Conditioners

With advanced technology and a wide range of capacities, Westinghouse VRF systems are a smart solution for buildings that demand higher efficiency, individualised control and installation flexibility, like high-rise apartment blocks and small commercial buildings.

Advanced VRF technology of Westinghouse has evolved over the years and is the best smart solution for buildings that demand efficient performance, energy savings, independent control and flexibility of installation. With the wide range of capacities available, Westinghouse VRF are in demand for most commercial applications and are also well suited for air-conditioning of high rise buildings and also smaller commercial structures along with residential villas.

Westinghouse Air Conditioners features:

  • Up to 16 SEER
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • R-410A ozone-safe refrigerant
  • Full metal jacket protects the coil from damage by weather and flying debris
  • Silicone-protective polyurethane coating protects your unit from corrosion 50% more than standard outdoor finishes
  • Two-Stage air conditioners and heat pumps operate at lower capacity during mild summer days, and at full capacity during hotter days
  • GE ECM™ Variable Speed technology that provides humidity and zone control
  • Reduce common allergens and irritants, such as, dust, mold, pet odor, and dry air

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