It’s never a good time when your air conditioning drops out, especially right before the summer when daily temperatures and humidity are on the rise. There can be an entire list of repair reasons as to why your system is failing. But sometimes the problem isn’t about repair, it’s about replacement.

HVAC units age and face a variety of environmental challenges and conditions that can wear it down. Especially without regular maintenance and inspections.

If it seems like it’s time to have your HVAC unit replaced with a new one, here’s what you need to know about the process.

Finding an HVAC Contractor

It’s always important to make sure that you’re working with a reputable HVAC contractor. Ask for proof of these key items:

  • That they have an active license
  • That they have active insurance
  • That they are bonded

Do some research on local contractors in your area and schedule a visit from each. Allow each one to inspect your existing system and take any necessary measurements. They should give you an estimate on how much the replacement job should be, each particular task that will happen, job start and completion date,and the job start and completion dates.

Before Replacing the Old HVAC Unit

When replacing any single part of the system, it’s best to have the rest of it updated as well. At the very least, having the ductwork inspected can guarantee that you don’t need to replace or repair that too.

Do some research before you purchase your HVAC replacement. You don’t want to buy a unit that is too large or too small for the square footage available in your home or business. This can lead to a decrease in energy efficiency and higher utility bills. Take note of your current unit’s size and research the best type available on the market for your needs. You can also ask your HVAC contractor for their recommendations based on brand, budget, and the energy efficiency rating.

Once you’ve decided on your replacement unit, you’ll want to start preparing for the HVAC replacement. You can help speed up the job process by doing the following before the installation crew arrives:

  • Move any valuable away from the system to a safe place
  • Move pets to a safe, quiet place away from the job

Once the space is free of valuables, furniture, and pets that the installation crew may not be comfortable moving, you’re ready for your new unit.

The Replacement Process

The installation crew will arrive typically in teams of two to three–the HVAC contractor and one or two assistants. They will assess the job site and begin setting up their area by laying drop cloths and protective paper over all necessary flooring for protection. They’ll move any furniture safely out of the way and cover nearby household items with plastic to protect them from dust created during the installation. After everything has been safely moved and protected, the crew will bring in their tools and begin the job.

They will start by cutting off the power to the HVAC unit and removing any refrigerant from the system before they begin disassembling the old equipment.

The ductwork inspection from before would have indicated if any repair or replacements are needed. Part of the crew begins that work while another, typically the lead contractor, starts assembling the 

After the ductwork is taken care of, the crew will begin installing the new equipment. This may include equipment ranging from the outside compressor to the air handler to the thermostat. Be aware that unexpected repairs or conditions can pop, adding time to the original job length quote. Unforeseen circumstances as such can only be assessed and handled as they appear. On average though, most HVAC replacement and installation jobs can be completed within a day.

After the installation is complete, the HVAC contractor will complete vacuum and pressure tests to make sure things are in order before the new system is charged with refrigerant. Once the inspection is finished, refrigerant will be added and the system will be activated. Your contractor should make sure all equipment is functioning properly and go over the proper operations and warranty information of your new system.

Let Ocean Air Conditioning Help with Your Replacement Needs

If you’re in need of an HVAC Unit replacement, reach out to our qualified staff at Ocean Air Conditioning. We have been servicing the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years, with experience with all brand types and unit sizes. Schedule an inspection or quote with us today to ensure a cool summer!