YORK Stealth Series Super High-Efficiency Central Air Conditioners

Few things are as important as the comfort of your family. And nobody understands the need for a quiet, efficient home comfort system better than YORK.

That’s why we offer the YORK Stealth Series with our revolutionary Twin-Single (TS™) compressor technology. This innovative cooling system provides more of what you’re looking for compared to a conventional air conditioning system. Like quieter operation, increased energy efficiency, greater reliability and reduced operating costs.

How TS Technology Works for Your Comfort. With TS compressor technology you get two levels of cooling performance. One level for those “maximum load” situations, when cooling needs are highest, and another for less demanding cooling situations. At the higher setting (Stage 2), both pistons operate to deliver maximum cooling power. But under typical conditions (up to 70% of the time in most areas), the unique crank-shaft rotates in the opposite direction, and only one piston operates (Stage 1). That’s when the incredible advantages of TS Technology kick in.

Leading-Edge Technology From the Inside Out

The Brains Behind TS Comfort. York’s Comfort Enhancer™ Control is the microprocessor intelligence behind Twin Single Performance, reducing start-stop cycles by up to 74%. The control

memorizes the last run cycle to adjust the starting sequence for enhanced temperature and humidity regulation.

Get Comfortable with all the Advantages of TS Technology.

Increased Efficiency & Reduced Costs – The Stealth unit can reach 15+ SEER* which is more than double the efficiency of many older units. Over the years, it could actually pay for itself, delivering up to 60% savings in operating costs. Calculate your own cost savings with the Energy Savings Map and Chart below!

To Use The Map and Chart:

Using the map, locate the Zone you live in. Determine the SEER of your current system. Cross-reference your Zone and current SEER in the table to determine your approximate annual cooling costs. The difference between your current cost and that of a higher SEER unit is your estimated annual savings.


$1,204 – $452 – $752

(Your estimated annual savings)

That’s a 62% Savings!

Designed To Keep You In The Comfort Zone – Fewer start stop cycles helps in maintaining constant temperatures, not to mention fewer hot and cold spots. And, the longer operating cycles increase air circulation, which helps decrease air stratification and improves humidity control.

Stealth Series …The Very Name Says “Quiet” -With lighter compressor loads and reduced blower speeds in Stage 1 operation, TS technology keeps things whisper-quiet with dramatically reduced sound levels.

Takes the “Stop and Go” Out of Your Comfort System Imagine driving your car by flooring the accelerator at each green light, only to screech to a halt at the next red light. Think of the wasted fuel and the wear on your vehicle. A TS System runs longer, more efficient cycles with less wear-and-tear.

Bottom line, your new York Stealth Series unit is built for years of trouble-free service that’s assured by a 10-Year Limited Warranty on the Twin Single Compressor, and a Five-Year Limited

Warranty on all other parts. For even more peace of mind, consider purchasing a York Care TI Comfort Plan providing total parts and labor coverage for up to ten years.

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